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Admission Process

Direct admission based on the marks obtained in the previous class or through Admission cum Scholarship Test (ACST)

Course Description


  • Double Teacher Method
  • Question bank and booklets
  • Periodical tests and Mock exams

Double Teacher Method

Two teachers will handle every subject. While one staff will cover the concepts at subject level, Stalwarts from IIT/ AIIMS will handle the concepts at analytical level- preparing and enabling the students to think from exam point of view.

Why Double Teacher Method is needed?

  • Separate sessions for the completion of regular syllabus and competitive exam syllabus. This is done simultaneously where morning sessions are allotted for regular syllabus and afternoon hours for competitive exams
  • To manage time and invest it in sufficient revision, this method is adopted
  • For concept oriented approach to the subjects
  • Staff members handling the competitive exams prepare students to think analytically and critically. Also they teach students to answer the questions in stipulated time– in fraction of seconds, through short cut methods and techniques
  • We complete the subject syllabus primarily and then go for extensive reading and teaching methods for the competitive exams

This enables students to face their board exams and competitive exams confidently without fear.

NoClass XIClass XII
1 Double Teacher Methodology is followed The academic year commences with the sufficient revision of the completed syllabus of Board/ Competitive exams which was done in class XI
2 Students will be classified into NEET/ JEE / Other Competitive Exams training based on their Olympiad and entrance exam results Doubt removal is a continuous process with Arrowil because we want to prepare every student for exams in an effective manner
3 2 year classroom program for NEET/ JEE is designed by our team of experts for Class XI students. This course module will cover the entire syllabus of Class XI & XII- Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology which helps the students to score better marks in their exams 24 booklets in total- 6 each for Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology; 240 Daily Practice Papers- 60 each for Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology- covering all the topics of NEET/ JEE will be provided to the students
4 Morning hours are for completion of regular syllabus (Class XI & Class XII) and afternoon session is allotted for competitive exams (Class XI & Class XII). No extra classes beyond school hours Students are given extensive practice on all possible question formats. These include MCQs, Assertion- Reasoning, Comprehension based, Match the following and other innovative, creative, analytical question formats
5 Personal attention and care is taken owing to the limited number of students per batch Surprise quizzes are conducted to analyse the conceptual and understanding ability of the student
6 Students will be provided with a compilation of question papers from the previous years based on both public exam pattern and competitive exam pattern To tackle the exam hall pressure, we guide the students with strategies and create dynamic exam management environment with our regular assessments and mock exams
7 Our teaching methodology and regular revisions, tests, periodical assessments creates a stress- free environment for students to face their exams