“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

                                                                                                                                 -Nelson Mandela

Dear reader,
Education plays a vital role to identify and develop one’s own talent and skills; to inculcate in one of the questioning ability; to introduce one to the worldy views and to make one a better citizen. We, the Arrowil Institution aim to exhibit all the qualities hidden within your child to the world by our curriculum and teaching methodology, kindly take a moment to read this… Arrowil is not an amateur educational institution. We have got a sound history which people lost track and I’m here to bring its identify to light.
With a legacy of over 26 years, established as Excel(T) in 1995, We have created 1000’s of engineers and 100’s of doctors as of date. In between we took a break to study the changing climate in the academic field that is 2018 it was re-established as Arrowil. Arrowil aims to hone the talent and skills of their goals. We make students early birds by helping them define their long-term goals with the aid of our curriculum.
To strike the right chord, Arrowil teaches students how to think than what to think by bringing about a holistic development in them!!
Above all, we assure our parents that by joining Arrowil, your child’s future is in safe and progressive hands.

                               V. Raghunathan M. Sc., B. Ed.
                                Administrative Officer 

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